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Free West Papua Now!

It’s time to end Christian persecution, militarized commerce and the associated destruction of ancient cultures, ecosystems and climate-critical forests in the massive (but well-hidden) nation of West Papua.

This website provides action ideas and a factual basis for the free eBook Crying Freedom, an illustrated tribute to more than 50 years of peaceful protest in West Papua.
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Help the courageous and peace-loving people of West Papua to regain their freedom.

West Papua on map of Indonesia
The country of West Papua is in red. The eBook introduction explains why most other maps differ.

Factual Basis for Crying Freedom

This is an evolving list of references to provide factual evidence for the fictional story and pop-up info in the eBook. Reference links are categorized as: V = Video (or…

10 Ways to Help West Papuans Now!

You can take action to give West Papuans the worldwide recognition they deserve. Show that you’ve heard Vivi’s desperate plea for freedom. Do it now with a few clicks, or…

Bonus Story Dialogue / Analysis

Before and After “My tribe, like yours,” Joshua said, “had an endless supply of food. We have no word for ‘work’ in our language. There was no need for it….

Historical References

Historical Disclaimer P – 2010: Dr. David Webster’s paper published on Active History provides an overview of “clashing historical understandings” of West Papua – Narratives of Colonization, Decolonization and Recolonization…

You can donate to any of these NGOs for West Papua

Here are some worthy organizations supporting West Papua who accept donations online: TAPOL (UK) Papua Partners (UK) ETAN: East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (USA) Pacific Peoples Partnership (Canada) Asian…

3 Artists / Author’s Infrequent Blog

A.A., 2016 Version Launch:The fundamental human rights situation in West Papua continues to worsen in spite of Indonesia’s assurances that things are improving. West Papuans remain in a dire position…

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