Historical References

Historical Disclaimer

P – 2010: Dr. David Webster’s paper published on Active History provides an overview of “clashing historical understandings” of West Papua – Narratives of Colonization, Decolonization and Recolonization in Papua

P – 2012: The Alliance of Independent Journalists “…probes claims 11 journalists acting as ‘spies’ for Indonesian military

P – 2011:  The struggle for self-determination in West Papua (1969-present) by Dr. Jason MacLeod – a conflict summary published by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict


V – 2013: Cate Blanchett narrates the IMAX production “Journey to the South Pacific” highlighting West Papua’s unsurpassed marine biodiversity and the joyful indigenous peoples who preserve it

V – 2013: “Back to the Stone Age“, seven photos and an article by Anne W. Semmes in the Greenwich Citizen

P – 2012 Survival International: Indonesia declares to the UN Human Rights Council that it has no indigenous peoples!

W – Wikipedia on “New Guinea” states that one sixth of the world’s languages are spoken by Papuan tribes. It also substantiates our claim that Papuans have been living on the island for at least 40,000 years, which is also substantiated by a Lonely Planet article and a joint academic report on the discovery of ancient human settlements


Japanese forces invade Papua during WWII. Papuans provide vital assistance to Allied armed forces
– photo of an Australian seargeant being beheaded by Japanese soldier


P – 2012: Dr. John Saltford’s reflections on the New York Agreement fifty years later (TAPOL site, linked to WPAT report)

Circa 2008

V — Australian primetime news goes undercover to interview the leader of KNPB shortly after the last leader is assassinated. Incredible strength!

P – 2007: Greenpeace calls the “Paradise Forests” of Papua “the fastest logged forested area on Earth
P – 2006: World Wildlife Federation states that the entire island of Papua (all of “New Guinea”) “has the largest remaining rainforest in the Asia-Pacific region”

W – 2012: ETAN’s December 2012 Monthly Report with a link to past reports