Our Privacy Policy (we collect no information at all)

This public website is as private as possible on the Internet. We simply don’t collect any of your personal information. We have no reason to track your identity or to contact you directly. We only have one purpose, and that is to inform and inspire others to support justice and freedom for West Papuans. In doing so, we hope to protect rapidly disappearing unique, climate-critical ecosystems, and the tribal cultural values upon which those systems rely.

Critical information for West Papuans and Indonesian citizens:

If you are on the Internet in West Papua or Indonesia, your activities online can probably be tracked by the Indonesian government. Why?
1. Everyone’s activity online can be and is most likely monitored by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). We have no control over the information collected by your Internet Service Provider (Indonesia’s TELKOM) or the data retained in your browser history (on Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer or our recommended public browser, Firefox).
2. Your browser history may be seen by anyone who has access to the phone, tablet or computer that you are now using. If you are not using a private device, delete your browsing history before someone else uses that computer, tablet or phone.