Take Action Now! (How to Help West Papuans Survive)

Give West Papuans the worldwide recognition they deserve. Show that you've heard Vivi's desperate plea for freedom. Do it right now with a few clicks, or a little each day with your heart, intelligence and skills. You can take action!

What can you do?

How to stay up to date on developments and campaigns

If you want to receive world news on West Papua by e-mail, sign up to receive daily email messages from reg.westpapua on lists.riseup.net where you can also send messages to the worldwide list. (Lists from riseup.net can be set to "digest" mode to combine news stories and send you only one e-mail per day.)
Another way to have the latest news on "West Papua" summarized and sent to you by email is to set up an ongoing search for "West Papua" (include the quotation marks) on Google Alerts.
For the latest videos, articles and reports from the field, you can set up an RSS feed or regularly check the website at West Papua Media Alerts.

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