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"I support the non-violent aspirations of the West Papuan people, and respectfully ask that the United Nations recognize West Papua as an independent nation and simultaneously fulfill the international community’s duty to protect the West Papuan people from the current military occupation."

Thank you for signing. If there were a second sentence for our petition, it might be something like this:


... if West Papua cannot be granted de facto independence and acknowledged as an existing country, we ask that the region at least be re-instated on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, opened to journalists from any nation, and the people of West Papua finally be given their first real opportunity to vote in a referendum properly supervised by the UN under the auspices of UN-sponsored armed forces.

(1) Study on decolonization of the Pacific region - see paragraphs 46 to 51 explaining the urgency and historical grounds for granting West Papua the right to regain their statehood: UN Economic and Social Council report May 2013
(2) UN News on French Polynesia's reinstatement as a precedent

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