Make a Donation

Here are some worthy organizations supporting West Papua who accept donations online:

West Papua Media (Australia)
Pacific Peoples Partnership (Canada)
Freunde der Naturvoelker e.V. (Germany)
Asian Human Rights Commission (Hong Kong)
Engage Media - Papuan Voices (Indonesia/Australia)
UNPO: Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (Netherlands)
Down to Earth Campaign for ecological justice in Indonesia (UK)
Papua Partners (UK)
ETAN: East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (USA)

This list is a work in progress. Please send us a message to critique this list or suggest other organizations accepting donations online who are helping the cause of independence or self-sufficiency for West Papuans.

Freedom 50 Creative

Help us tell the world about West Papua. We've already spent fifteen thousand of our own dollars for custom technology to make the English version of Crying Freedom/Vanishing Tribes widely accessible. Why was it so expensive? Because Crying Freedom isn't a regular text-only eBook - it's an interactive visual experience that requires expert programming. Now we need to translate the eBook and re-apply the technology for each translation.

If you value what we're doing, please make a donation to help us reproduce and host Crying Freedom in other languages. (Your donation will not be tax-deductible. We are simply a coalition of volunteers and not a registered charity.) You can donate with PayPal or a credit card by clicking on the button below.