Web Version

You can access the entire eBook Crying Freedom on any device and through any web browser by clicking on the image below, although the interactive features work better on some devices than others. We built this version for easy access, and to provide a safer, fully untracked (except for your own ISP, e.g. Telkom) option for readers in Indonesia or West Papua who are concerned for their own safety (see the warning below).

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Crying Freedom non-tracking Web Version

WARNING: First, we cannot prevent TELKOM (Indonesia's Internet Service Provider) from tracking your identity and location. Second, in order to download/purchase the eBook from Apple, you would need an account. In both cases, your account will permanently show that you downloaded a book that advocates independence for West Papua. If you are Indonesian or West Papuan, Indonesia considers advocacy for independence a crime of treason!

Apple iBooks (best version for images and interaction on Apple devices)

Crying Freedom can be downloaded at no cost from Apple if you own an Apple device with iBooks (e.g., an iPad, iPhone or Mac). Download the Apple version here.

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